Dr. Stacey Wright is a licensed counseling psychologist specializing in the evidence-based treatment of OCD and anxiety-related disorders. 

Do you find yourself wishing you could just shut off your brain in order to relax? 

Does it feel like worry and dread rule more of your decisions than they should? 

Do you have a hard time saying "no" or delegating tasks to others in favor of doing it yourself?

You deserve the freedom to make choices based on your values, not your fears.

Dr. Wright promises that she will never ask you to do something that she is not also willing to do herself. When you choose to work with her, you are choosing someone who will always believe in your capacity for change as well as your resilience.  

Dr. Wright sees individual clients as a member of Anxiety Treatment Resources, a specialty group of licensed psychologists in the Greater Twin Cities area that provide individualized, evidence-based treatment of anxiety and related issues. To learn more about what it is like to work with her, get information about clinical services, or to check out helpful resources, choose one of the links below:

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